Flushing sperm down the toilet


Most condoms out there are made of non-biodegradable rubber or rubber-like materials. In fact, ill tell you the correct way to dispose of each item. There is a big difference between biodegradable, flushable, and what you should flush down the toilet. If your nipples are inverted, flat, or otherwise differently shaped, schedule a consultation with your piercer to determine if they can be pierced and what the effect will be. If that doesnt work you have to take the toilet apart.

Sex flushing sperm down the toilet

Ok, we are going to be really blunt. Many people still regularly flush condoms down the toilet without thinking twice about it. So you've heard it here, and now you know.


Exclusive sex club for hot rich women. So what can you flush down the toilet. In something is going in the toilet, it needs to be able to break down right away. If you're in the practice of flushing your condoms, stop immediately.

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